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Dirk and Nash talk about what it may have happened if Nash re-signed in 2004. Probably the biggest hypothetical a Mavericks fan could have.

As a Mavericks fan I’m not sure if things didn’t work out the best they could. If you could surround an offense featuring Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash in their prime with a 3-D guard and forward with a defensive minded Center who can run the pick and roll I have to imagine they win a title or three. Then again it does seem that Nash and Nowitzki both really blossomed when they were apart.

Interesting hypothetical either way.

Segregation Forever

I’m taking a break for Good Friday but Ta-Nehisi Coates is a better writer than me so you should be fine.


Unworthy of the Sacrifice

Tomorrow is Good Friday. The day we celebrate the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for the sins of the world. In an ultimate display of love and compassion he who was blameless took the blame for all others.

I think it’s important that we reflect the humility that such an act should instill in us. No matter how righteous we believe we may be we are no more worthy of this sacrifice than the worst of us.

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You Need That Work, I Got That Work

Previously I wrote about how we’re collectively fronting ourselves further into poverty. Today John Cheese of Cracked has published a very informative first hand account of why so many folks have to front in the first place. While he’s speaking about small towns in particular, and there are concrete challenges unique to small economies, much of the dynamic he describes can be seen throughout the economy for anyone living anywhere close to the poverty line.

Our current labor market is perverted due to the outsized influence of capital in society. There are fewer jobs for a very large pool of workers and this allows employers to set the rate for work very low. This is good for those who don’t depend on their labor to produce their income. How do we fix this? Here are a few ideas.

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My illustration for Love of My Life: A Love Letter to the Girl Power in 90s Hip Hip and R&B by the wonderful Shanice! This is a really great article, v. good read. 




My illustration for Love of My Life: A Love Letter to the Girl Power in 90s Hip Hip and R&B by the wonderful Shanice! This is a really great article, v. good read. 





Outkast y Cee-Lo Green y Erykah Badu y Big Rube - Liberation

Muhammad Ali vs. Cliven Bundy

If you’ve been following the news you may have heard of Cliven Bundy. He’s a Nevada Rancher who’s been grazing on federal land without paying for years on end. After losing multiple court cases the Bureau of Land Management came to seize his cattle. A stand off ensued and eventually the Bureau of Land Management stood down. He’s been hailed as a superpatriot by conservatives and has been a guest of Sean Hannity a couple of times for favorable interviews. Mr. Bundy serves as something of an avatar for the right at the moment. A rancher standing up to Obama’s jack-booted thugs in a reversal of Ruby Ridge.

I was struck by both the parallels and differences between Mr. Bundy and The Greatest Boxer of All Time while watching "The Trials of Muhammad Ali" last night on PBS’ Independent Lens. It’s been noted that conservatives has picked up the politics of victimization with enthusiastic verve. The contrast between Mr. Ali and Mr. Bundy is interesting in that it highlights the difference in what liberals and conservatives view as legitimate oppression.

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Starlito y Don Trip - No Rearview


There’s No Future In Your Fronting (or How Keeping Up Appearances Hurts Us All)

Today Andrew Prokop had a piece up about welfare and single mothers. In not entirely shocking news it shows that with an adequate social safety net single mothers and children can be lifted out of poverty.


(Chart by Matt Bruening, Demos)

Here T&T stands for “Taxes & Transfers” with “transfers” representing the analog for welfare. Wonks love jargon. 

Mr. Prokop is correct when he states in his post that we simply lack the political will to enact a social safety net as effective as those seen in Finland, Norway and Sweden but he avoids the tangling morass of why we don’t have that political will and I’d like to touch on one of the factors present in said morass.

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